Importance of Meditation In Daily Life

Submitted by Jerry Parker on January 7, 2013

Meditation should be something that can be carried through into daily life. When life itself becomes a meditation you will be able to concentrate, focus attention on your sitting practice and into other wider things of life.

Most of the time our mind is on everything else, except what we are doing. This leads to stress and forgetfulness. Meditation helps us involve our minds in the moment, keeps us away from stress,...


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.forgetfulness and getting lost in the distractions of thoughtst


Our concentration can be improved further by just observing what is happening to us and around us, all the timem

This is called mindfulnesss Daydreaming is not a negative trait, but you should be aware of what you are doing and shouldn't simply sink into iti

You can remain mindful, by running a commentary in your head about what you are doingn This helps you to concentrate, become aware and attentivev If you stop one action halfway and start on something else then it will record facts, and later helps you remember where you were in the first actiono This running commentary should be done several times a day, for a few minutes at a timem This will train your mind to pay attention to life even when there is no commentary in the heada

Mindfulness helps you to become more effective and organized and continues the process of insighth You become aware even of nature of reality, what it is to be alive, the events in the outside world and our reactions to iti

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