• A rather difficult pose to master.Should be practiced by advanced practitioners who have gained control over balancing their bodies.
  • This pose Stretches your groin and inner thighs. It is very useful for developing flexibility of the hips, knees, ankles and feet.
  • This pose stretches the front of the body, thighs, abdomen and chest, throat, and deep hip flexors. Keeps your spine flexible.
  • A graceful backbend that stretches and opens your entire body, particularly the frontal region.Beneficial for neck, chest and quadriceps.
  • This pose is easy to perform, it can be performed by those who are just starting out with yoga.
    Corn Tree Pose
  • Very beneficial in strengthening arms, shoulders, and joints and it helps develop a better sense of concentration,co-ordination, and balance
  • One of the popular pose for meditation.Calms mind. Be careful with this pose if you have problems with knees or hips.
  • This pose helps to stretch parts of the body that do not usually get stretched.
  • An arm balancing posture that incorporates the legs flexibility with core strength.
  • It is a squatting pose designed to improve the digestive system.This pose even helps tone the belly.
  • A pose which can be done by anyone irrespective of age and gender.Improves balance and coordination.Strengthens legs and buttocks.
  • This pose is very effective in bringing about relaxation by making the mind calm.Good For advanced practitioners as well as beginners.
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