Various Yoga Poses For Ankle Recovery

By Patricia | January 6, 2009
Yoga For A Sprained Ankle

The ankle is one of the most critical joints in the human body. It is here that various ligaments and tissues of the foot and leg connect thus giving us the ability to walk and move around. The unique feature of the ankle is its ability to twist and spin, allowing us greater flexibility and mobility. It is this trait, which allows us to perform many of our sports and daily activities apart from dancing and shaking a leg.

However the twisting motion can also instigate a serious foot injury. This primarily happens when unwanted force or pressure is applied on the foot and the ankle joint, which sparks an imbalance in the ankle region thus causing injury. This is termed as a sprain. This injury can hamper a person’s daily life as it severely restricts the movements of the leg and foot. Usually the injury is mild with the ligaments getting a little stretched however the injury can get serious when the ligaments are flexed beyond a certain limit causing them to tear.

Before getting into any Yoga class or position, it is absolutely mandatory to follow these fundamentals. Firstly take ample rest as this is best mode of recuperating your ankle. Apply ice at least twice a day for 15 to 20 minutes to the affected area. As the healing process continues make sure to wear an ankle supporter and comfortable shoes to get the right balance and prevent stress to the ankle. As excessive rest can also hamper healing get your ankle accustomed to motion gradually and once able enough walk preferably on a flat surface.

Although you can’t start with Yoga asanas (poses) but you can surely improve your situation by doing basic ankle stretching exercises. Start by taking a chair and placing yourself on the edge. Use props or cushions to support your back. Now stretch your legs with the heels positioned firmly on the floor. Slightly bend your ankle pointing the toe towards you and then slowly move it away from you, Follow the same procedure for 3 to 5 times. Another great stretching exercise would be the squats. Stand at least 12 to 15 inches from a wall with your toes pointing towards the wall. Slowly bend yourself in a squatting position and maintain this pose for at least 10 counts. Then slowly rise without putting too much tension on the ankle. Repeat this procedure for at least 10 times. If there is the slightest pain do not continue with this exercise. However, before embarking on any exercise regimen, always consult a physiotherapist.

Once recovery has already begun yoga may be used as a part of physiotherapy to further strengthen the ankle and promote healing. There are various poses for the ankle in Yoga, however give ample time and rest before you hit the Yoga class again. Also makes sure you have a qualified Yoga instructor who can guide you step-by-step for your ankle recovery and get you back in shape for some twisting and curling.

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