How To Get Rid of Water Retention?

By Patricia | May 20, 2009

Water retention is a condition that occurs when too much fluid gets accumulated in the tissues. This condition is caused by the capillaries – that supply blood to the tissue – becoming leaky and not absorbing enough blood back to the system. The lymphatic system is sometimes also a causative factor as the lymphatic system acts as a reservoir for excessive fluid but if the lymph nodes become congested then this also will cause water or fluid retention.

The reasons why this occurs are because of kidney malfunction, heart malfunction, lack of exercise or immobility. Proteins also cause water retention if there is malnutrition. This is because of the fact that protein has the ability to carry water and in the absence of protein in the diet, water retention will happen. Histamine is a substance created in the body as part of the immune system. The role of histamine normally during an immune response is to open up the capillaries so that white blood cells can attack any pathogen in the body. In water retention, Histamine plays its role by the processes of dilating the capillaries and this causes a situation of leaky capillaries as well. There is also a play of hormones here and this can be seen from the bloating that takes places in women when they are pregnant and just before their periods. Excessive salt intake also causes water retention. Triamterene is a diuretic – which basically means that it is a drug used to stimulate your kidneys into excreting water. This is a quick fix to solve the problem immediately as water retention in the case of heart malfunctions can cause pulmonary edema, where you, in a sense, drown in your own body fluids. This is a good strategy but one that should not be prolonged because the body over time will adapt and compensate for the loss of water by not releasing water to the blood.

The best treatment is to continue with the prescription that has been given by your doctor and to also start exercising vigorously with cardio-vascular exercise. This exercise is an endurance exercise for improving the circulation; unlike stressful weight training to build muscle mass. A change of diet to add more celery or parsley also helps at times when fluid retention causes a protein build up in tissues. Exercising over time, allows the reversal of water retention because of strengthening of the circulatory system and the repairing of damaged capillaries.

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