Treatment For Cough & Cold Problems In Kids

By Patricia | March 24, 2010


The immune systems of infants are not fully developed and as a result they tend to fall prey to various common illnesses. The most frequently occurring infection in infants and children is the common cold. Even slight seasonal changes can result in health problems for infants. During the first year, infants tend to develop cough and cold quite often and this can result in irritation and discomfort. The membranes of the nasal passage and respiratory tract become swollen and mucus builds up in the airway. This blockage of the respiratory passage causes mucus production, cough, runny nose, wheezing and breathing difficulties. Other symptoms of a cold may include watery eyes, sneezing and mild fever.

There are various triggers for the common cold. Sudden changes in climate or exposure to cold weather usually results in cold and cough in infants. Infants that are being breast fed may also contract the infection from the mother through the breast milk. Allergies and exposure to passive smoke can also contribute to the development of a cold and cough as well. Since infants are so prone to catching colds, it is advisable to protect them from conditions that can trigger the infection in them. They must be protected from extreme weather changes. Sudden changes in room temperature must also be avoided such as switching the air conditioner on and off. Mothers that are breast feeding their infants should protect themselves from infection as well. Regular oil massages are good for infants as it improves their immunity. Maintain regularity in bathing the infants as irregular bathing routines can make them vulnerable to catching a cold.

Herbal Treatment For Cough And Cold

Herbal remedies are known to be effective in treating cold and cough in children. However, it is important to first test if the child is prone to any allergic reactions to these remedies. Also before exposing the infant to any such remedies it is best to keep your doctor well informed about the situation. Holy basil has anti-viral properties and works well in treating cough and cold in infants. A few holy basil leaves may be crushed to extract the juice. The juice can then be given to the child one drop at a time. Dried basil leaves can also be boiled in water and then given to the child after it cools. Using a humidifier in the room will help the infant to breathe properly. You can add some essential oils such as sage or thyme to the humidifier for best results. It is best to avoid giving the child over the counter medications as these can be too strong for them.

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