Home Remedies For Hair Growth Using Olive Oil

By Patricia | September 2, 2009

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Hair grows at an approximate rate of half an inch every month. With this kind of rate of growth, you would have six feet of hair by the end of a year, which is a lot more than anyone can possibly handle. Therefore, it is not the rate of hair growth that you need to worry but there is one very important fact that can affect the growth rate of hair and that is nutrition. To maintain the proper growth rate of hair, it is very important that you are not undernourished in anyway. If you are looking at increasing the growth of hair follicles, you should use home remedies for hair growth as a way of reversing hair loss, is a different story and the treatment of that differs completely.

Some Useful Hair Growth Tips

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. It is a strong, fibrous and insoluble protein that is created in the roots of the hair. The exact chemistry of the hair follicle is quite complicated but, in simple terms, it is based on cross-linked polymers and disulfide bridges that give hair tremendous strength. It is even claimed that men’s facial hair, for the same thickness, is as tough as trying to shave steel. This is the reason why men usually prepare their face for shaving with water and shaving foam. Scalp hair is a bit different since it is hair that is not a result of post-puberty and adult hormones. The hair in this part of the body can grow straight without curling; however, as the hair moves further away from the scalp, its strength can reduce with wear and tear and even break off. Typically, hair that crosses the length of the shoulders would have suffered enough damage from being tied too tight or from the use of chemicals that it needs to be cut away. Using olive oil for dandruff problems is an excellent remedy to keep hair problems at bay.

Home Remedy

There are various natural vitamins for hair growth and thickness. The first steps that you need to take to ensure a proper rate of hair growth is eating a high protein food. This should be done by having more dairy products. Exercise is also required to increase the circulation to all parts of your body which would obviously include your scalp as well. To increase circulation in the scalp specifically, massage your scalp regularly. To maintain the luster of your hair as it grows, oil your hair before shampooing it using olive oil or almond oil. Take vitamin E supplements that contain omega fatty acids. This can also be done by ensuring that you include fatty fish in your diet.

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