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If you want to increase height, yoga is the best physical discipline that you can turn to. There are many different exercises that people perform to increase height. However, yoga has by far given the best results. Yoga for height increase works on many different levels. Not only does yoga help in stretching your muscles and spine, but it also helps your body regulate its hormones better so that the human growth hormone is secreted in the expected quantities and the body is able to grow naturally.
Though there are some specific yoga poses that can be performed to increase height, it is recommended that several of them should be performed together to obtain the maximum possible likelihood of gaining height. In fact, many people have successfully used yoga in cases where the smaller height has been a genetic issue.
Regular performing yoga can help you accelerate the body’s metabolism, allowing the pituitary gland to secrete greater quantities of the growth hormones. Apart from the hormones, the regular practice of yoga can also helps in the improvement of posture and the alignment of the spinal column. There are some specific yoga poses, such as the Chakrasana (Wheel pose) which can help in elongating the trunk. This specific pose allows the spinal column to lengthen, allowing the related muscles to also stretch and grow lengthwise.
Tadasana (Mountain pose) is another height increase exercise which involves stretching of the spinal column, the shoulders and the extremities. This is an excellent yoga exercise to increase height and can be practiced any time of the day. This exercise can help elongate the entire muscular structure of the torso while stretching the arms, shoulders, neck and the legs as well.
The Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) is also an excellent exercise that can help you with your height issues. This exercise however, is of an advanced level and it is recommended that you do not perform this on a regular basis. This exercise not only helps by increasing height, but also strengthens the spine and the back.
There are various other stretching poses and postures that one can perform when it comes to height increase. There are some positions which may give you better results than others. In either case, do consult with a qualified practitioner before you begin performing these exercises since you may injure yourself by performing them in the wrong manner. Joining a yoga studio is a great way to start with yoga.

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