Causes & Home Remedies for White Gray Hair

By Patricia | July 17, 2009

Hair color is dictated by the amount of eumelanin and pheomelanin in your hair. The balance of these differently colored melanins is what gives human beings across the world radically different hair color apart from the standard black. However, white or gray hair is not the result of the balance of melanins but it is because of the absence of melanin in the hair. This causes the hair to be transparent but the play of light on the protein lattices makes it look white or gray. There is precious little that can be done once the graying process begins and if it is rampant then it is a sign that your body is now aging according to its genetic trigger point for aging to begin. In the process of aging, the body reduces the renewing of cells. There usually is a set number of changes and replacements that each cell in our body is allowed to go through and this information is contained in our DNA. Once this limit is overshot, then the cell dies and is not replaced – outwardly, this process is called aging and is the reason why the body degrades – because it is not being repaired.

Melanin In Gray/ White Hair

Sometimes, this process can be accelerated and cell death can be aggravated. The cells responsible for the production of melanin are the melanocyte cells and these can die and be damage due the intake of toxins or the exposure to cell damaging process like ultraviolet radiation destroying the DNA. This is why some people experience the odd spurt of gray hair and then the return to a normal hair color after a while. There is also a great deal that one’s diet plays in ensure that the normal process of cell death is followed by replacement.

Home Remedies

Try to modify your diet in such a way that the body has all the nutrients that it needs. The first step is to increase your intake of black pepper as this has the ability to increase the absorption of other nutrients. Next, increase your overall vitamin intake by supplements or by increasing the intake of leafy green vegetables, seafood, or white meats. Next, you should also try to increase the amount sun you get. This increases the amount of melanin that your skin produces, some of which will be passed on to the hair. However, make sure that you do not spend prolonged periods in the sun as this can have an adverse effect. Ensure that you cut your hair and shave to see the effects take place.

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