Treating First, Second, & Third Degree Radiation Burns

By Patricia | December 24, 2009

Burns are essentially sorted into three categories known as first, second and third degree burns. Their categorization is primarily dependent on how severely the skin or the underlying organs have been damaged, as well as to what extent has the damage been done. Needless to say, first degree burns are not as severe as third degree burns, which are known to even burn away the nerve endings of the affected individual. Surprisingly, studies have shown that patients suffering from third degree burns may not experience any pain at all.

Generally speaking, radiation burns are also categorized in the same manner as are other types of burns. That is, the burns are categorized as one, two and three depending on their severity. Radiation burns can lead to acute and intense pain. It is therefore, highly recommended to seek immediate medical attentionĀ  to first and second degree burns as these are very severe.

Radiation Burn Treatment With Aloe Vera Gel

There are some natural home remedies which can be used to alleviate the symptoms of radiation burns to some extent. Take some fresh leaves from an Aloe vera plant. You will need to squeeze the leaves to obtain its fresh gel, which can be used to apply on the radiation burns, as it is known to be rather effective. Not only does the gel help in providing soothing, cooling relief to the affected area, but it also enhances the healing process. Bananas can also be used to gain relief from radiation burns. Take an overripe banana, mash it and apply the paste to the affected areas. You will need to leave the application on for around 15 minutes and then rinse it off. This remedy would be beneficial in eliminating the pain and heat emanating from the burn. Importantly, the banana paste can be repeated as frequently as required. Research has shown that spirulina is also known to be quite effective in treating radiation burns internally. The herb can be consumed in the form of tablets as these are believed to be highly beneficial in treating the burns. Some herbalists believe that making a paste prepared from sandalwood powder, turmeric powder and a bit of olive oil, which will help in giving the mixture a pasty texture is also useful in treating radiation burns. This paste is to be applied on the affected areas as it will help to heal the burns and will also provide much-needed relief from the burning sensation that accompanies these burns.

It is extremely critical to bear in mind that if the symptoms of the burns are persistently causing pain and intense discomfort, it is highly advisable to seek medical opinion as soon as possible.

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