Effective Methods For Removing Objects Stuck In Throat

By Patricia | March 10, 2010

A piece of packing tape stuck in my throat, it causes problems when I swallow foods, how to remove it out ?

Sometimes pieces of all sorts of odd objects get stuck in the throat, and tend to stay there for a few days. While there is no medical harm in this process, it can get extremely annoying, since each time you even swallow spit, you will feel the object. There are a couple of simple and elementary ways you can try to get rid of this particular problem. One of the easiest ways is to take a handful of potato chips, chew them well, and simply swallow a huge bolus of chips altogether. Although it sounds too simple to be true, it is a trick that may just work to your advantage. The harshness of the excessive salt and the solidity of the potato chips mixed with saliva may be very useful in pushing down the piece of packing tape stuck in your throat. Usually, potato chips are a good idea since it will form a nice and large bolus, which will also be somewhat dry. The large amount of salt in the chips tends to dry your mouth, particularly if you eat a great many chips together. As an alternative, you can also use any other chips. Just make sure that the bolus you swallow is really large and should get somewhat stuck in the throat before it goes down.

In some cases where potato chips may present a problem, using bread is also a good idea. Bread too has the tendency to dry your mouth if taken by itself in dry form. Keep in mind that you should take in as much as two slices of bread together. The basic principle is the same. You need to swallow a bolus of food which is large enough to push an object stuck in the throat down. If, after trying a few times, these methods do not work for you, then you can switch over to alternative attempts. One of the other ways you can try is to gargle with comfortably hot salt water. The heat and warmth of the salt water will tend to break down the sticky part of the packing tape that is probably keeping it attached to one place. This can result is automatic sliding down of the piece of packing tape since the obstruction will be removed. The salt is also very useful in providing mild antiseptic treatment in case of any abrasion left behind by the stuck piece of packing tape.

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