What Are The Possible Causes and Treatment For Swollen Jaw Lymph Node?

By Patricia | March 22, 2010

A lymph node is a particularly important part of the human immune system. It is present in various parts of the body. Their function is to act as purification for the body by filtering out impurities from the body. The lymph nodes are also useful in diagnostic medicine. Inflammation in particular lymph nodes can be a diagnostic clue for a doctor to understand the patient’s condition. Under such situations, lymph nodes may swell up or become sore. Lymph node swelling has been linked to simple illnesses like throat infections as well as complex conditions including cancer.

Lymph nodes are distributed around the human body in several different areas including the head, the thorax, the arms and the lower limbs. In the case of swelling lymph nodes of the jaw, we are dealing with the ‘Sub-mandibular’ lymph nodes. These nodes are present around the length of the jaw on each side and are used to drain the structures at the base of the oral cavity.

Treatment For Swollen Nymph Nodes

The first recommended remedy would be to avoid moving the area, unless absolutely essential. Use a warm compress on the area such as a warm water bottle or a bath cloth dipped in warm water around the area. Press it on the affected part firmly but not in a way that would cause pain. Hold this in place for a few minutes. The relief would be felt immediately but may not last for long. This process will help stimulate the blood flow in the area which may resolve the issue over a few days.

A strong recommendation for a jaw with inflamed lymph nodes is to avoid drinking excessively cold liquids. Excessive cold could cause undesired pain in the area. A recommended drink for your condition is lemon juice in warm water, or warm lemonade. Lemon contains Vitamin C which is essential for the overall health of your body. Another home remedy is to apply castor oil to the area. This will also help reduce the effect of the swelling.

Castor oil has proven to be extremely effective in reducing the size of and pain caused by lymph nodes. Apply castor oil twice daily to the area and massage it gently but not aggressively. Always note that the pressure used to massage depends on the sensation of pain felt when massaging. Aggressively rubbing the area may cause further damage and accentuate your pain.

If the node does not heal over a period of three or four days, please visit your doctor for a thorough analysis.

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