Remedies For Discolored Lips Caused By Smoking

By Patricia | February 26, 2010

Smoking results in darkening of the lips as the nicotine present in cigarettes stains the lips. It results in discoloration and causes the lips to lose their pink color. To reduce the darkening and bring back the original color of your lips, you need to discontinue smoking immediately. As the discoloration has occurred from a prolonged period of smoking, it will take a while to get rid of the problem. Once you quit smoking you can work on bringing back the natural color of your lips. Natural remedies for treating lip discoloration can prove to be effective but it takes time and patience for the effects to show.

Remedies For Discolored Lip

Skin and lip discoloration are effectively treated with the application of lime. Lime naturally bleaches the skin and as such will help to get rid of the brown stains and patches. You may apply a few drops of lime juice to the lips at night before sleeping. However, lime is acidic in nature and hence may cause a slight burning sensation. It must also not be applied continuously as it can cause further darkening. Clarified butter is believed to help in reducing lip discoloration. You may apply a dab of clarified butter to the lips every night. Petroleum jelly also works well in this regard. This will also prevent dryness and chapping of the lips. A paste of fresh cream to which a bit of saffron has been mixed is also known to reduce darkened spots on the lips. You can also take crushed rose petals, mix with milk cream and apply to the lips before sleeping. This is very nourishing for the lips and will help to bring back the natural pinkness to the lips.

Gently exfoliating the lips using a tooth brush is an effective way of removing the old skin cells and exposing the new ones. Cocoa butter is also used by many to treat darkened lips. The extract of cucumber works as a natural bleaching agent and helps to lighten discolored lips. Ensuring an adequate intake of vitamin C is helpful in restricting the production of melanin and is thus beneficial in preventing further darkening of the lips. Application of honey is also beneficial in treating darkened lips. You may also take a mixture of castor oil, glycerin and lime juice and apply to the lips. Leave this on overnight for an effective remedy against lip discoloration. In addition to these remedies, one must also consume plenty of water to keep the lips feeling and looking healthy.

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