Foods To Increase Platelet Count

By Patricia | August 6, 2009

What vitamins and food supplements can I take to increase platelet count?

Platelets, otherwise also known as thrombocytes, form in the bone marrow and are blood cells that cause clotting of blood when we wound, cut or scrape ourselves. If it weren’t for the platelets, we would bleed to death from a small cut on our finger but since the platelets work round the clock, we don’t even pay any attention to minor cuts and scrapes.

A normal platelet cell can be active for up to ten days after which the cell dies and is removed naturally from the body. In a normal healthy person, 1 ml of blood contains anywhere from 150,000 to 400,000 platelets. If your platelet count drops below the normal count, you may suffer from a disease called thrombocytopenia where the blood stops clotting and one may suffer huge blood losses due to minor injuries. A fall in your platelet count will also cause anemia and you will experience all the symptoms of anemia as well.

What Causes Low Platelet

Generally the platelet count drops only when the platelets either get over utilized or destroyed due to any ailment or physical condition. The fall in the number of platelets causes anemia and anemia in turn causes a reduction in the production of platelets. So in a way, you have to counter two conditions to cure yourself and resume a healthy life.

Cirrhosis of the liver, side effects of some medications and severe blood infections could also cause a fall in the number of platelets in the blood plasma. Usually, unless the platelets count falls below 50,000 per ml, there is not much cause for worry. Even the doctors would start specific treatment only when the platelet count falls dangerously low. The body has a mechanism to bring the blood cells to normal. A little push is required from us in the form of a healthy diet.

Diet To Balance Platelet Level In Body

There is no particular food group that helps in the production of platelets. However, drumstick leaves, Indian gooseberry, green gram, liver, fenugreek leaves, citrus fruits and egg yolk can help correct liver cirrhosis or anemia that would help in resuming the proper production of the platelets.

During this time, avoid fatty foods and alcohol which could further damage the liver and hinder the production of the platelets. Also avoid taking any drugs that might have an adverse effect on the production of platelets.

Since the platelet count is low, there may be problems in clotting of blood. Try to avoid activities in which you could injure yourself.

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