Get Rid Of Gray Hair And Alopecia

By Patricia | July 21, 2009

Grey Hair Treatment, Causes Of Gray Hair, Melanin Gray Hair, Alopecia Treatment, Underweight Problems, : I am 21 yrs old - My hairs are becoming gray. How to get rid of it?

At twenty-two years of age, it is very unlikely that your hair graying is a completely natural process. Since you mentioned that you were underweight, this points the finger of suspicion at malnutrition as a possible culprit. The good news is that you have not mentioned hair loss as a problem that you are suffering so advanced male pattern baldness or alopecia due to weight loss is not a problem. Fixing the problem of gray hair might just be a matter of changing your diet and toning up your body.

Causes And Treatment

Gray hair is a result of a lack of the skin pigment melanin being secreted in your skin and hair. The melanin part that is responsible for hair color is eumelanin and pheomelanin. The balance of these two melanins is what gives people around the world their unique hair color. Therefore, people with dark hair have more eumelanin and people with blond and red hair have more pheomelanin. People with gray hair actually have no melanin in the hair at all. Their hair shaft is actually transparent, but because of the play of light on the protein lattices in the hair, it appears gray or even sometimes white. After the age of 35 or 40 people usually start to see their hair graying on a very large scale; something that you seem to be experiencing now. In both cases, the melanin producing melanocyte cells have died and this is the reason that there is no melanin in the hair. In your case, the melanocyte cells have probably just shut down, but even if they are dead, you have to stimulate new growth. This can be done by starting to re-nourish your self – correctly. The first step, keep away from hair color for sometime; otherwise you would not be able to see any major changes.

Underweight Problems

Re-nourishing your body is a matter of knowing your correct weight. The standard is that if you are between 5 feet 3 inches and 5 feet 11 inches, your weight should ideally between 110 to 130 pounds. If you are taller, you can calculate your weight on a pro-rata basis. Once this is done, start to eat more protein rich foods, but keep your carbohydrate intake and fat intake constant. Protein should ideally be plant protein from sources like legumes and soy. This takes longer but is better for your body. Start taking vitamin and mineral supplements. Finally, exercise by jogging or cycling for a minimum of an hour a day.

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