How To Naturally Remove Facial & Body Hair Permanently?

By Patricia | November 26, 2009

Would you suggest me some home remedies for permanent hair removal from my face and body

Facial and body hair is considered unattractive by a large number of people. Excessive hair is usually due to heredity or genetics. Hormonal changes and emotional stress can also cause superfluous hair growth. Mild to moderate conditions can be treated with home remedies. Excessive hair growth can be removed by natural remedies such as waxing or removing them permanently by laser treatments. Shaving and tweezing excess hair is also a preferred method but using wrong methods or accessories can cause more damage then benefits. Excessive hair growth can also be camouflaged with the help of bleaching agents that help lighten the hair color to match the skin color.


Some common home remedies may help with the permanent removal of excess hair. The use of Bengal gram powder as a soap substitute can reduce hair growth. Powdered Bengal gram is a natural cleanser and scrub. Using it regularly as a scrub can reduce hair growth. Similarly applying a mixture of milk cream and turmeric can also remove hair growth and also lighten the hair color. Applying a mixture of yoghurt, powdered Bengal gram and turmeric can also prove beneficial in removing unwanted hair. You can also prepare a natural home made wax to remove excess hair. Wax can be made at home with the help of sugar granules (500 gms), water (one cup), citric acid (a quarter teaspoon) and glycerin (half teaspoon). Heat water and sugar until sugar melts. Add citric acid dissolved in half cup warm water. The consistency of this liquid should be a little thicker than honey. Add the glycerin at this point and the wax is ready for use.

Waxing regularly is known to reduce the density of hair growth. If you are using hot wax, test the temperature before you apply it to your legs as it can cause extensive burns if the wax is too hot. It is important to keep in mind that such hair removal is not permanent in nature.

A natural bleaching agent like lemon juice can also work wonders in bleaching the skin. Apply the juice of a lemon mixed with a little honey. Using this mixture regularly can bleach the hair permanently. A paste made of sugar, lime juice and water can also be applied on the surface of the skin. Make sure you apply the mixture in the direction of the hair growth. Allow this paste to dry and rinse it with cold water after ten to fifteen minutes. Try this procedure at least two times a week to achieve desired results. Another effective remedy is a mixture of one egg white, a table spoon sugar and a pinch of corn flour. This sticky paste can be applied on the skin, allowed to dry and rinsed with cold water. Try simple home remedies instead of choosing surgical or laser treatments to remove unwanted hair.

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