Benign Lesion: Getting Rid Of Skin Barnacles

By Patricia | August 10, 2009

Is it possible to get rid of benign lesion of skin with home remedies?

Skin barnacles are benign lesions that are slightly raised, black or brown colored growths that are both big and small and occur all over the face. These can sometimes only be seen as raised bumps. Also known as the seborrheic keratoses, they are mostly harmless and hardly ever malignant. Barnacles are seldom seen in teenagers and young adults and are more prevalent among older people. Though initially they just look like a raised spot, in time they can become thick and wart-like. They begin to look like small balls of soft clay that have been externally attached.

Hanging from the face, these are in fact benign tumors. Though mostly common in the old age, these tumors can happen to anyone. Especially to those who overexpose their skins to the sun without using the proper protection. Both men and women can develop barnacles.

Though medically there is nothing malicious about these growths, from a cosmetic point of view, they don’t look good. Also they can itch a lot and if they get caught on to something, they can get aggravated. So common are these barnacles that almost ninety percent of people develop these in their old age.

The growths which are initially brown slowly keep darkening until they become completely black. However this change of color doesn’t really mean anything. Since the barnacles are only superficial, they have only cosmetic disadvantages. Inhibiting tyrosinase like rumex can to some extent help get rid of barnacles. This complex compound is derived from plants usually found in the prairies in Canada. Rumex has been considered a great treatment for skin. Also since it does not have any side effects, it is used extensively in cosmetics.

Barnacles are usually removed by a small surgical procedure. These are first frozen with liquid nitrogen. After they have been frozen, an electric needle is used to either cut or burn these off. When you consult a doctor, the doctor will let you know which method of removal would be the best for you.

There are no real ‘home remedies’ for removing barnacles. This is a surgical procedure and should only be done through a licensed medical practitioner. However, eating a healthy high fiber diet can ensure that you do not get more barnacles on your face. It is also best to use adequate sun protection lotions when you venture outdoors for extended periods.

You can also drink a solution of lemon juice and water mixed with a pinch of cayenne peppers. Drink a cup thrice a day to help dry the barnacles from inside. Using an anti cellulite cream can also help keep the barnacles at bay.

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