Treating Abscessed Tooth Naturally

By Patricia | May 19, 2009

A tooth abscess that lasts for over a week can be really painful and annoying. You are better off seeing a dentist if you are suffering from a tooth abscess for more than this duration. Please keep in mind that attempting home remedial measures that probe ineffective for about two to three weeks should be followed up with a visit to a dentist. The worst case scenario is that you may actually end up losing your tooth completely. While there are a few remedies that can also help you, if your abscess has become badly infected, no amount of home remedies could be of any help. To start with, you can rinse your mouth with a solution of equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water. This will help to clean the surface of your tooth thoroughly and will also help with sanitizing any mild surface infection. You should also follow this up with another rinse of hot water to which a tablespoon of salt has been added. If you are suffering from a lot of pain, you can also take a tightly wadded ball of cotton and dip it in pure vanilla extract. Tuck this in or on to the tooth where the abscess is and you will find tremendous relief. The taste is also not foul, and this will also help to get rid of bad breath.

Another tried and tested method is to place a used and chilled tea bag on the tooth with the abscess. In some cases, this can actually be so helpful that it draws out the pus from the tooth. Of course, this solution does not work the same way for everyone. But in either case, this will help tremendously with getting relief from the pain and discomfort. For added benefits, you can also drink cold, milk free tea. This also helps with healing to a large extent. If possible try and look for toothpaste that contains the extract of tea tree oil. This substance is very useful in sanitizing your tooth and will also help with getting relief from the pain. One of the oldest and most effective methods to get relief from the pain is to dab clove oil to the affected tooth, or simply keep a single clove clamped in between that tooth and the one opposite it. Cloves are also particularly useful in getting rid of all sorts of problems that are associated with teeth and gums. You could also use clove oil based toothpaste.

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