Yoga Poses For Endocrine System

By Patricia | November 12, 2008
Yoga For Good Health & Happiness

Yoga for Endocrine System is extremely important for good health, well being and happiness. Your endocrine system consists of your thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, adrenal, pineal, and reproductive glands. Their main function is to generate and secrete hormones that help regulate your growth and metabolism, for reproductive purposes and throughout pregnancy.

Certain health conditions are caused as a result of the inability of glands to secrete or produce hormones. The regular practice of Yoga actually helps prevent the incidence of, as well as in dealing with, a number of ailments or health problems resulting from hormonal disharmony or dysfunction.

What Is The Endocrine System

The complex living functions of our body are controlled and monitored by a number of very important "ductless" glands. These are called endocrine glands. Their job is to produce and secrete hormones, otherwise called chemical emissaries in our bloodstream. The endocrine system is principally responsible for the balance – one hormone kindles a certain type of reaction, the other holds it back. Together all act in close kinship with each other, as well as with our sympathetic nervous system. All of them are controlled by the pituitary gland, and eventually, by the brain.

Yoga And The Glands

The Endocrine System arbitrates the close, most cherished relationship between the mind and body – emotions like fear or anger, love or hate, all suggest hormonal activity as well as, in many instances, disharmony. Needless to say, they all strongly influence your health.

The Pituitary Gland

The Pituitary Gland is the master gland of the body that regulates the secretion of hormones in all the other glands. It is under the direct control of the brain. Incidentally, Sirshasana (Headstand) is most beneficial here.

Thyroid And Parathyroid

The Thyroid Gland is responsible for the basic metabolic rate of the body, its growth as well as cell processes. On the other hand, the Parathyroid Gland controls the production and secretion of phosphate calcium. Both these glands are stimulated by the Shoulder Stand.

Pancreatic And Adrenal Glands

The secretions of the Pancreatic and Adrenal Glands are vital to life. They strongly affect our physical, mental and emotional well being. The pancreas, for instance, secrete insulin that helps regulate the levels of sugar in the blood. When it dysfunctions the body suffers from what is called Diabetes. And when it ceases to function altogether, you need those daily painful insulin injections. However it can be helped, greatly by the Mayurasana, the Peacock Pose, which helps massage the spleen and the pancreas.

Female Sex Hormones (Ovaries)

The Ovaries, the primary source of estrogen secretion, help regulate menstruation, pregnancy, lactation and all female physical traits. This includes complexion and sexuality.

Male Sex Hormones (Testes)

These are the primary source of testosterone. It is the male sex hormone responsible for procreation in men. Fortunately, regular Yoga practice, particularly relaxation postures, helps to maintain a healthy balance in the male and female glands and hormones. This relieves you of all sexual disorders and problems.

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